Residential Solar Electric Systems

Southern View Energy offers its simple, safe and very cost-effective solar electric system design and installation services to homeowners throughout northern Georgia.  From start to finish, you will receive our undivided attention to the details required to make your solar energy investment a success.  With residential electric rates in Georgia having increased by over 25% in the last 6 years alone (source: US Energy Information Administration), why wait any longer?

When you contact Southern View Energy about your potential for “going solar”, we will guide you through the entire experience, describing exactly how the process works and answer any questions that you might have.  We will perform a comprehensive solar and energy site survey with you, where you have the benefit of making sure that your home or business is suitable for a solar installation before proceeding.

You receive all of the benefits of our extensive knowledge and experience in matters concerning a solar installation, and are given a complete cost-effective (simple payback period, and rate of return on investment) view of what a solar electric system can provide.  There is absolutely no pressure, just our honest advice.  And if you proceed, knowing that we will specify only highly proven, fully warranted, world-class solar electric products assures that your system will perform as expected for many, many years.

To learn more about our simple step-by-step of the Southern View Energy process, Contact us today!