About Southern View Energy

Southern View Energy specializes in both on- and off-grid solar electric systems, solar thermal hot water, building energy conservation and emergency / back-up power solutions, and was built upon a solid experience base that spans single family residential home installations of all sizes, to many types of commercial enterprise (office, retail, food & beverage, agricultural), and a diverse number of industrial plants and municipalities, as well.  We've succeeded by demonstrably and significantly reducing their costs of energy and dependence upon local utility services --- enabling them to make use of their own, readily-available and economical source of renewable energy: The sun!  
Southern View Energy takes a thoroughly dynamic approach, one that includes a comprehensive site analysis with attention also given to a client’s current structural and energy efficiency. All work is performed and/or completely supervised by our own highly skilled solar installers having attained NABCEP certification (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners), and we are of course fully trade licensed, bonded and insured.
We are able to provide two and three dimensional system layouts, as well as CAD drawings, complete system and equipment specifications, 1 and 3-line electrical diagrams, prints and schematics having been fully reviewed by a staff (or affiliated) licensed electrical engineer. Our design and specification works can also be provided as signed, wet stamped and/or raised/embossed seal print certifications, as may be requested by our clients for appendage to other professional service providers (e.g. - architects, civil and/or public engineers) documentation that they may desire.   
Solar technology and its many applications are continuing to rapidly evolve. Having the unique advantage of being active practitioners, and solid advocates for renewable energy these past several years, we welcome the opportunity to offer the many benefits of that experience to your project’s ultimate advantage. Want to take the first step in declaring your “energy independence”? Your trust in Southern View Energy to guide and assist you will be well-placed.  Solar can be as valuable an energy resource for your needs as it is proving to be for thousands of others. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation!