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Client Testimonials


Originally Intended To Just Heat the Pool

Energy Conservation Package: Solar-Powered Attic Ventilation, Attic Insulated to R54, Radiant Barrier Installation, Thermal Gaskets

“When the day came for the installation, it could not have been handled any better!  No messes were made that were not cleaned up.  The installation crew took only a couple of days, with Chris (our solar sales specialist) on-site making sure everything was handled properly and to our complete satisfaction.  I never really thought he would be on-site like he was, but it certainly made me feel secure in my decision to go with them as I knew he was taking personal responsibility for the job to be handled properly.”

“Even though my husband and I decided to better insulate our attic and put in a solar-powered ventilation fan before heating the pool, we have been extremely satisfied with our decision.  I typically keep my thermostat on 67 degrees upstairs and down in the winter, and we are not cold!  This past summer I had to turn it up much more than before, so it wouldn’t be too cold inside." 

"We are now saving major $$ on our heating/cooling bills, and plan on expanding our solar energy use to eventually heat the pool!  And with what they gave us I am sure we will be doing business with them again.  I highly recommend this company!”
Doris S.
Homeowner - Energy Conservation
Fayetteville, GA

Cooler Indoor Summer Temps and a Lower Electric Bill

Energy Conservation Package: Solar-Powered Attic Ventilation, Radiant Barrier Installation, Thermal Gaskets
“We had 90°+ temps every day last month with our AC on all the while (same as last year), and we had a $150 electric bill for the month back then. But with your solar attic ventilator and radiant barrier installed, this year’s bill was just $103 --- a 31% reduction, and that included us using a new electric clothes dryer that we never had before.  Thank you!"

Maryann D.
Homeowner - Energy Conservation
Lawrenceville, GA

Difficult Solar Electric Site Location Handled Well

Solar Electric System, with Web-Based Monitoring
“I just want to thank you for getting the solar electric panels for the 4kW system installed on my house. Your ability to locate the panels in the proper location is great. Your crew that installed them was top notch, and everything is functioning great. Your help in also locating a roofer to re-roof my house, and coordinate that with the panel installation, was exceptional. Thanks for getting all of this work done so well!”
Ted H.
Homeowner - Solar Electric System
Stone Mountain, GA

Home Much More Comfortable & Quiet Now

Energy Conservation Package:  Solar Attic Ventilation Unit, Attic Insulated to R54, Radiant Barrier Installation, Thermal Gaskets

“The solar attic vent fan was installed on July 29. On the very same day of this installation, we noticed a considerable difference in the temperature on the second story of our house, because it was much cooler. Soon after, their professional installers blew in the additional attic insulation taking us to the U.S. Department of Energy’s recommended level for our area of R54, and they also installed the barrier over that, which protects the home from additional heat exposure.”   “It was a very hot day and the temperatures were in the mid 90’s --- and the second story of the house actually felt cooler than ever before. We’re looking forward to the significant winter energy savings by it working in reverse too, by keeping our heat in the home!”

 “We have been very pleased with our decision to choose them as the company to handle this project and know that we will use less energy and save money on our monthly utility bills. We would highly recommend Southern View Energy to anyone, and in fact already have. If you are serious about taking control of your home’s energy costs then you should give them a call." 

"They were professional from the start to finish, and did not try to sell us things we did not want or need. Our home is much more comfortable and quiet now without the AC running from mid-morning to late at night! Thank you very much guys, and keep up the good work.”
Joel W.
Homeowner - Energy Conservation
Fairburn, GA

Noticeable Difference in Heat Build-Up

Energy Conservation Package: Solar Attic Ventilation Unit (x2), Attic Insulated to R54, Radiant Barrier Installation, Thermal Gaskets
“It has been a few days since the work was completed and we have had a chance to actually experience the products in action.  We had our first sustained days of warm weather and there is a noticeable difference in the heat build-up on the upper level of our home. We would normally have to have the air conditioning kick in a lot earlier at temperatures over 75 degrees outside.”

“There is more consistency in the temperature throughout the entire house now that the solar ventilation units and radiant barrier are in place.”

“The workers were all very polite and did a good job…on the whole, we would recommend these products.”       
Gregg M.
Homeowner - Energy Conservation
Dallas, GA

Impressive Reduction in Electric Bills

Solar Electric System, with Web-Based Monitoring + Energy Conservation Package: Solar Attic Ventilation Unit, Attic Insulated to R54, Radiant Barrier Installation, Thermal Gaskets

“It has been 3 full summer months since you installed the 2.66kW solar panel system and upgraded my insulation. I received my latest power bill yesterday. I’ve been logging energy usage and cost these 3 months, vs. last year’s usage for the same time period, and would like to share with you some results:
2010 kWh Cost per Day
June 2,024 $6.01
July 1,793 $5.66
August 2,093 $6.08
2011 kWh Cost per Day
June 937 $3.23
July 929 $3.28
August 1,015 $2.76

“Great results, and I cannot wait to add some more!”
John S.
Homeowner - Residential Solar Electric System + Energy Conservation
Suwanee, GA

Great product and a Great Company

Solar Electric System, with Web-Based Monitoring + Energy Conservation Package: Solar Attic Ventilation Unit, Attic Insulated to R54, Radiant Barrier Installation, Hi-Efficiency Marathon Water Heating
“I had a great experience with Southern View Energy. Chris my sales person was knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process. David and his install team also did an excellent job. Their attention to details was great. I would highly recommend this company. ”
Mike C
Homeowner - Residential Solar Electric, Energy Conservation Package
Toccoa, Georgia

Pleased in Gainesville GA

Solar Electric System, with Web-Based Monitoring
“Our solar system was installed the middle of September, 2013. We were very pleased with the company representative, Chris, and the two installation technicians, David and Urban. They were responsive to our questions and did a great job. The installation process was quick and tidy. We enjoy watching our meter run backwards! Thanks, guys, you did a great job for us!"
Homeowner - Residential Solar Electric
Gainesville, GA

Great Company, Very Professional

Solar Electric System, with Web-Based Monitoring + Hi-Efficiency Marathon Water Heating
"We researched and interviewed all the solar companies in our area before making a decision on which company to go with. We found Southern View Energy to be the best. The were very straight forward, honest and really listened to what we wanted in our solar system. One company tried to sell us a system that was totally inappropriate for what we needed which would have caused major problems down the road when we wanted to expand. There are a lot out there that will steer you wrong but Southern View Energy is not one of them."
Donna W.
Homeowner - Residential Solar Electric + Energy Conservation
Dallas, GA

See Significant Reduction In Utility Power...And Have New-Found Friends!

Solar Electric System w/Battery Back-Up + Energy Conservation Package: Attic Insulated to R-54, Radiant Barrier Installed, Hi-Efficiency Marathon Water Heating

"During the installation process we were very pleased with the professional, helpful and patient personnel from your company that we worked with.  We quickly regarded them as more than simply onsite workers as they were more like new found friends.  Perhaps this was due in part, as they always seemed to be going out of their way, and above and beyond, to do the best and highest quality job they could.  Then, when the system was completed, it was again very much appreciated that you handled and simplified the red tape and paper work with the county permits and local utility to get us fully functional and online as quickly as possible."
"In hindsight we are very glad we went forward with this project and that we selected Southern View Energy for the installation. We did notice a significant reduction in our power usage from the local utility as we had hoped and expected.  This occurred during a time frame when there was extensive cold weather and cloud cover with rain throughout the first four months.  In the late part of the 3rd month we began to chart our production and usage on an hourly and daily basis.  By month 4 we were modifying our behavior to take better advantage of our production.  During month 3 our average kilowatt hours per day usage dropped 52% from the previous year, and month 4 our average kilowatt hours per day usage dropped 77.96% from the previous year.  We are now midway through our 5th month and todays date is 3/20/2015.  We are also grateful for the energy saving advice given to us that went beyond just the solar power system installation and has helped play a part in our overall energy use reduction."
"Thank you again for all your help and assistance!"
Stephen & Christine A.
Homeowner - Residential Solar Electric, Energy Conservation Package
Lexington, GA