Solar Installation

What Is Included In Every Southern View Energy Installation

Some contractors offer a price for services then return during the job with certain added charges, for things that either didn’t occur to them during their initial site assessment and they now “recommend”, or have been determined as “necessary” for them to complete your project. 
This will never happen with Southern View Energy.  All of our proposals have an installation price that is stated as COMPLETE, and by that we mean absolutely everything is included:

  • Custom solar system lay-out, specifications and drawings
  • Site preparation, including any minor modifications required
  • All permanently installed mountings, wiring, fixtures, plumbing, conduit, raceways  and/or terminations
  • All solar and any other electrical or plumbing equipment, including all safety gear
  • All local permits, fees and inspections
    • Minor exception: The utility’s grid-interconnection and inspection fee, which the owner must apply for.  We assist completing your application, to assure all is compliant. This fee is typically small, <$100.
  • All state & local sales taxes are included
  • Full initial install and familiarization (plus guided assistance thereafter if you need:) with your monitoring system
  • Final inspection, owner’s walk-through and complete site clean-up
  • Southern View's 2-year complimentary technical support and guidance, post-installation
  • Southern View's 2-year total labor/workmanship warranty, + all manufacturer's equipment & performance warranties (e.g. - solar electric panels = 20-25 years, Enphase micro-inverters = 25 years, etc)

We believe that this is the most straight-forward and conscientious way to do business and have found that our clients very much appreciate it.  And while there are rare instances where hidden damage is revealed that couldn’t be seen during the site inspection, even then we will do all that we can to correct it for you…at no added expense.  The bottom line is that we pledge never to come with “surprises”, by making price additions or corrections of our own, on your project.
Southern View Energy – The One to Trust