Solar Hot Water

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Heating water requires more energy than most people realize.

In fact, it is one of the largest sources of energy consumption in the home --- usually right behind the combined cost of heating & air conditioning.  Putting the sun's rays to work providing the thermal heat needed to make your water hot is a smart and very cost-efficient way to go.  Because unlike traditional fuel sources (natural gas, oil or electric) used to heat water, the cost of solar energy landing on your home won’t ever go up – it comes to you for free!  As an added bonus, making water hot with the sun creates ZERO pollution, since that doesn't need to be drilled for, mined, refined, shipped and burned.  Solar hot water heating is a long-proven technology, with today's superb systems dramatically reducing many American's power bills.  And yes, even right here in Georgia!  

Southern View Energy works with only the finest quality, proven solar water heating products and assures that your project is designed with exactly the right-sized system for the home's needs.  Capable of reducing your annual water heating cost by as much as 90% (vs. an equivalent sized gas or electric-fired water heating system), and using major system parts factory-warranted for performances of up to 20 years, there's never been a better time than now to consider "going solar" with your home's water heating.

Flat Plate Solar Thermal Collectors

Southern View Energy primarily specifies and installs flat plate solar thermal collector systems. These are of a "closed loop" design that is ideal for our relatively moderate climate but one that is also subject to freezing temperatures during winter months. The food-grade propylene glycol solution used in these systems can withstand outdoor temperatures to minus forty degrees Fahrenheit.  All systems are SRCC OG-300 Certified (the industry's highest) and of modern design, top  engineering, and provide superb performance.  

Residential solar thermal systems are typically sized to correspond with the number of occupants in a home.  An average of twenty gallons of hot water is factored per person, per day, and systems are designed to store one full day’s supply of hot water.  For instance, a family of four would require two solar collectors with an 80 gallon hot water storage tank.  A family of six would have three solar collectors and a 120 gallon hot water storage tank.

Flat plate solar thermal system prices start at about $8,000 installed with two solar collectors and one 80 gallon storage tank, and run to about $10,000 for a system with three solar collectors and a 120 gallon storage tank.  The ease or difficulty of the solar installation may affect cost. 

Southern View Energy Newsletter And did you know that solar water heating can also be practical for more than just your everyday "tap" water needs?  An appropriately sized system can provide for air and/or radiant space heating, as well.   Let Southern View Energy assist in determining how solid a contributor solar hot water can be towards significantly reducing your home's energy costs, and contact us today and you could be on your way to declaring "energy independence" soon! You will also want to learn more about Solar Pool Heating as you are preparing for Georgia's scorching summer season.