Solar Attic Fan

Solar Powered Attic Fan Ventilation

During the summer, as the sun radiates heat onto your roof, its shingles or tiles become very hot.  This heat is transferred through the roof and in turn heats up the air inside your attic.  If the hot air stays inside your attic, the heat from this air will eventually enter your home.

While attic insulation slows this process, it does not eliminate the heat transfer process entirely.  And if your attic is not very well insulated, it will do very little to stop heat from getting through.  Additionally, a hot attic stays hot long after the sun goes down so the process of heat transfer into your home never really ends.

By removing the hot air from your attic, the process of heat transfer into your home is minimized. The less attic heat that is transferred into your home, the less your air conditioner needs to run. If your air conditioner unit doesn't have to run as much to keep your home cool you save energy, and obviously money.  In many cases, a lot of money! 

Southern View Energy highly recommends the use of solar-powered attic ventilation units as an effective means to greatly reduce attic heat build-up. We can conduct an expert area & ventilation assessment of the attic space and specify the exact right unit to do the job. 

Solar Powered Attic Ventilation Unit Output

Solar Panel Size Venting Capacity CFM Output
10 Watt Model up to 1,200 sf Up to 850 cfms
20 Watt Model up to 2,000 sf Up to 1,275 cfms
30 Watt Model up to 2,500 sf Up to 1,550 cfms
50 Watt Model up to 3,100 sf Up to 1,900 cfms

CFM refers to cubic feet of air moved per minute. The higher the CFM the greater the capacity to move air. Certain other conditions apply such as clearances, pitch and height of the installation that may require use of a larger unit (than the area venting capacity noted above), or multiple units.  
Years of experience have proven that combining the use of a quality solar-powered attic fan, along with installation of a radiant barrier and insulation (see our sections on radiant barrierand insulation) brought to the proper depths will significantly reduce the overall heating and cooling energy demand placed upon a structure --- by as much as 30-40%.  All units are fully qualified for the 30% U.S. Clean Energy Investment Tax Credit.  And warranted for 25 years, they are built to last.   

Southern View Energy can identify many smart ways to minimize your total energy demand first, and guide you through the process. It really is that simple: Utilizing very cost-effective measures, such as installing solar-powered attic ventilation, increased insulation and radiant barriers will greatly reduce the overall energy needs of any building. With that done you are then solidly positioned to make the final leap towards complete energy independence by installingsolar PV and/or thermal hot water system. Want to truly break free from being dependent upon utility energy providers? Don’t just dream about it any longer --- contact Southern View Energy for an evaluation today!