There is no greater potential for the loss of heating and cooling (HVAC) in a home than through its roof.  What makes this risk more critical is the fact that heating and cooling requires the largest share of a home’s energy budget.  And in conventional home construction what typically stands between your living areas and the roof is your attic or crawl space.  It is there that you have the opportunity to reduce those losses, often significantly, by improving your current insulation levels.

For a much more energy efficient home ample insulation is vital to achieving stable home temperatures, a quieter environment and far less energy usage.  Southern View Energy typically recommends that the attic area especially be insulated to a level proven as most effective for our area (per the US-DOE, CZ3-4 = R49-54, or an approximate 22” depth of blown-in insulation), which results in as much as a 30-50% savings (vs. previous insulation depths at building code minimum) in heating and cooling costs --- and even more if the home was built before 1996.  That is a 63% increase over the R30 level (approx. 12” depth) installed in nearly all homes built since the mid-1990’s.  This is because builders most always install at minimum state and local code levels, to be price-competitive, but definitely not at the eventual owner’s optimal energy-savings level.  If your home is older than that, it likely had R21 (or lower, depending on its age) installed.  Proper insulation further reduces HVAC system running times as well, which can contribute to extending their service life.

All insulation settles over time, some faster than others, but you should inspect to see what level you are at currently.  To do a quick check, a good rule of thumb is that 1” depth = 2.5 ‘R’.  Southern View Energy will conduct an attic inspection as part of its complete solar assessment with you, as well.  Our goal, as always, is to see you move towards energy independence in a way that makes the most economic sense and straight-forward conservation measures of this kind are a solid contributor.  We may recommend as part of our solar installation for you, that the attic be brought up to an efficient level and we have local, trained and well-proven independent insulation professionals that we engage for this purpose, to assure success in this vital conservation area.  And as always, you will have a Southern View Energy project manager onhand throughout.

It is all part of our committment to taking a whole home approach, and the best part is this: Having stopped this type of energy loss you signifcantly reduce the total amount of energy needed. That makes any size solar installation a larger contributor to your measure of personal, home energy independence.

Contact us today and see if we can provide you with a much more comfortable, energy saving and efficient home!