Residential Solar Power

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Your house needs power to be a more comfortable home --- and quality solar energy systems can deliver it for you. 

From solar electric, to solar hot water, and even solar-powered emergency back-up systems Southern View Energy helps you plan for having all the power you may want or need, and with a smart solution to lowering your total cost of energy as well!   

If you own your home now, or are even considering buying (or building) a new one: It pays to take a total energy approach.  With Southern View Energy as a solar expert that's partnered in your quest to reduce any home's operating costs, you'll be given solid advice on where the real savings can be found.  And while solar energy technology and its real-world application are both our passion and expertise, we only measure our success as a company by what actually constitutes real, meaningful success for you.  That has usually proven to mean our clients achieved:

  1. Significant reductions (from 25% avg. minimum, up to 100%) in their power bills
  2. Reduced dependency on utility-supplied power
  3. An ability to increase energy usage --- without big negative consequences (cost, enviro, etc)
  4. A much more comfortable, temperature-stable living environment
  5. A lowered or eliminated carbon / environmental impact from their energy use
Southern View Energy NewsletterIt can be said about so many things, old and new, these days: "The future is here."  And we guess that's always been true no matter how long and worthwhile improvements are always coming along.  But with solar energy it's finally arrived and in a BIG way.  It's no longer the technological dream with the potential to save billions of physical gallons (and trillions of $$$) in oil or gas, pounds of coal, kilowatts or therms of nuclear....however you want to measure it... to make energy.  It is HERE, it is NOW, and IT IS AFFORDABLEContact us and take advantage of our expert advice, so you can best determine if now is the right time to make a significant break from the old life- and budget-sucking carbon fuel economy (wow...can you imagine it?) --- and get on the path to declaring your personal energy independence!