Hybrid Solar Electric and Gas Generators


When Solar-Powered Backup May Not Be Enough

If you have larger anticipated electricity needs during utility outages than a solar electric system might keep pace with, especially during longer-term utility outage events, we have the answer.  

Especially useful in tougher weather areas a “hybrid”, or dual system, is a combination solar electric-powered / battery backup, along with a conventional generator that is tied into the buidling’s emergency power circuits.  It also allows you to reduce the size (and cost) of the conventionally-fueled generator.  And you still have the added security of a true stand-alone (solar-powered) system providing a good measure of protection, should the gas system's fuel source become compromised.

Southern View Energy is an authorized Kohler dealer and has solid experience designing and installing hybrid backup power systems. Contact us today and discover just how affordable it is to gain this level of power outage protection.