Backup Power Systems For Homes and Businesses

Keeping the Lights On In Any Event

Southern View Energy is expert at the design and installation of correctly-sized emergency backup power systems for your home or business when grid-supplied electricity goes down.

Convenience, security and safety is what a solid backup system is there to provide.  Don't leave yours in the hands of someone else (or a store...local or online) to tell you, "This will do what you need".  We're here for you, and will remain as your reliable resource long after the installation. 

It is often not necessary to power an entire structure during a power outage event. This type of backup power is very practical and can be very affordable since we work with you to select which specific electrical circuits (and their loads) you want to have available during a power outage.

If you already have a grid-tied solar electric system (or if we were to install one for you now), it is that system which keeps your new backup power system at the ready.  And your backup system will continue to draw directly from the solar electric system, recharging itself during daylight hours --- during an outage event. 

Southern View Energy also designs systems that are perfect for remote cabins, recreational facilities, homes, or for other uses such as farm watering or feeding stations where no grid power is available, or it would be prohibitively expensive to run there.  These are typically smaller, off-grid, solar-powered battery storage systems which can provide a very nice measure of electrical convenience, that may also be supplemented with small wind, or even a gas generator.  

And if your desire is for having a strictly “conventional” generator (gas, diesel or natural gas) backup power system installed, we can do that too.  Some prefer having a “hybrid”, or dual system, where both a solar electric-powered / battery backup, along with a conventional generator are tied into the home’s emergency power circuits.  This makes good sense if an owner has larger anticipated electricity needs during a utility outage than his solar electric system might keep pace with, especially during a longer-term utility outage event.  It's especially useful in tougher weather areas, or if outages tend to be more frequent or long-lasting.    

Southern View Energy Newsletter Not quite sure which type or size of backup power system is the best one you?  That's where having Southern View Energy as your expert design consultant and installation specialist really pays off.  Contact us today and learn how to make your home or business more safe & any power outage event.